This course is intended to train suitably experienced sailors on how to teach their fellow recreational sailors. The responsibility is on us to pass on our skills and support to new instructors with high quality training that will benefit their own careers and the ability of the students they will be teaching. This will in turn enhance the credibility of the IYT training scheme and the schools that are part of it. The Instructor training course is a rewarding experience for students which fills them with enthusiasm and new skills to pass on to their own future students.

Course Duration

5 days (from 09:00 – 18:00 every day). The 1st and 5th days are in classroom. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th are taking place on the training vessel.

17-21 March 2019
11-15 May 2019

Recognized credentials

IYT Recreational Instructor up to the following levels:

  • Bareboat Skipper
  • Yachtmaster Coastal
  • Yachtmaster Offshore

Certificate Limitations

This is a training course to prepare experienced sailors to become IYT recreational instructors at all levels up to Yachtmaster Offshore


The course is open to anyone who has sufficient seatime – see IYT Instructor seatime requirements. While it is not essential to have any of the listed qualifications beforehand, their practical ability and theory knowledge should be at least the same or better than the level of the IYT courses they wish to instruct. To benefit fully from the course – which focuses on Instructor training techniques – participants are advised to revise their maritime knowledge before attending.


Based on continuous coaching the course aims to enthuse and arm IYT instructors with valuable teaching skills that will greatly benefit their future careers and enhance the reputation of the IYT Worldwide partners’ schools they are associated with.

  •  It has been developed under the guidance of John Goode, IYT’s Chief Examiner who is a down-to-earth mariner with a great sense of humor and renowned for his ‘plain language’ teaching methods. After going to sea under sail at the age of 12 and becoming a Chief Officer in the merchant navy he ran his own sea training school (sail & power) for 30 years – passing on his innovative navigation and seamanship skills to many thousands of sailors. His training techniques and enthusiasm to help fellow yachtsmen have earned him worldwide recognition and a Fellowship of the Royal Institute of Navigation.
  • This is not a 5 day exam! While candidates are being coached in the skills required of an Instructor it very quickly becomes apparent if they have the underlying practical/theoretical ability required and this will dictate whether or not they successfully graduate from the course.
  • Candidates do not have to be associated with a specific IYT school when they take the course. See next bullet point.
  • On course completion, candidates will be individually debriefed. Those who are successful are advised the highest level of IYT course they have been assessed as competent to teach.  A pdf down-loadable “Instructor Training Course Completion Certificate” showing that level the will appear in the candidates personal IYT account profile. . They will then be able to refer to that letter when making their own online application to IYT (with seatime, medical forms and VHF certificate, etc) for final approval and issue of their credit-card sized plastic Instructor Certificate. At this stage they must be associated with a school.


1.000 – 1.500 euros (price depends on level of training)

The above price includes:

  • Qualified skipper/instructor service
  • Accommodation on the yacht
  • 2 days theory in the classroom & 3 days practical on the yacht
  • Fuel & port fees


Additional expenses:

  • Food
  • Transportation to and from the training area
  • Certification fees after successful course completion

For more information refer to Seatrips Maritime Training page and for reservations fill in the contact form bellow.

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