Handpick your captain and crew. Be trained or accompanied in sailing and other sports by certified experts.


Spyros Krotsis started sailing from an early age and has been involved in the yachting industry since 1995. Professional skipper and captain since 1996. Sailing athlete. Yacht Training Instructor. Divemaster, kitesurfer, rock climber and more…

Language: Greek (native), English (fluent) and some Italian

Spilios Kordos was born and raised in Aigio, a small coastal town located in Western Greece by the Corinthian golf. He soon fell in love with the ocean and moved to Paros Island where he became a Diving Instructor and Sailing Instructor. Some years later he moved to the breathtaking Cayman Islands in the Caribbean working as a training manager for Yacht Training and for several PADI dive schools.

Language: Greek (native), English (fluent), French (basic)

Manuel was born in Trieste of Italy, a city by the sea with a great sailing tradition. At the age of nine he begun to sail and since then he never left his love, the ocean. He participated in a lot of races while he was working as a sailing instructor and skipper. As a skipper he has great experience in Italian, Dalmatian coast, Ionian and Aegean sea. Six years ago he left his hometown with his 7 meter sailing boat and travel to Turkey and then Greece where he lives permanently the last four years.

Language: Italian (native), Greek (fluent), English (advanced)

Vasilis Diamantis was born and raised in Aigio, a small coastal town by the Corinthian golf. He is a charismatic skipper with a great knowledge of the secrets that Greek seas hold, like detecting secluded beaches all around Greece. If you are lucky to have him as your captain you will immediately realize that he can become a trustful and beloved friend, satisfying your all your requests.  Vasilis holds the Yachtmaster Offshore  and STCW certificates and combined with his experience, you know you are in safe hands.

Language: Greek (native), English (fluent)

Sergio Cherezov started sailing from an early age and has been involved in the yachting industry since 2004. Being a professional skipper and captain since 2009 he has great experience in both sailing and power vessels. Sergio is a Sailing Instructor.

Language: Russian (native), Greek (fluent), English (advanced), German (basic)

George Stathakopoulos was born and raised in Aigio, a small coastal town by the Corinthian Gulf. His love and passion for the sea made him to follow the sport of kite-surfing. George now is a kite-surfing Instructor and a very experienced sailor. His sailing experience is reaching all the way to America and the Caribbean.

Languages: Greek (native), English (advanced)

Akis Kosionis was born and raised in Patras Greece. From a very young age he fell in love with the ocean and he got engaged with many different water activities such as scuba diving, sailing and fishing. His great passion for his job makes him a valuable asset for our customers and we are lucky to have him in our team.

Languages: Greek (native), English (basic)

Anastasios Gkotsoulias was born and raised in Patras Greece. From a very young age he fell in love with the ocean and he got engaged with “Iason Sailing Club” activities such as organizing sailing races and coaching young kids. He has participated in many Sailing races all over Greece and he has a great passion for his job. He will always welcome you on board with a smile and a positive attitude.

Languages: Greek (native), English (advanced)

George Antypas was born and raised in Patras, Greece. On his early age he started water sports and became swimming and water-polo champion. For over 20 years he has been a successful Offshore Sailing athlete and has participated in Greek and international regattas, with his own sailboat and his own sailing team. He has been training athletes in trimming, racing tactics and strategies for many years. His love for the sea encourages him to upgrade his knowledge and his abilities constantly. He holds the IYT Yachtmaster Offshore certificate and he is also an IYT Instructor.

His motto “sail SAFE sail FAST”.

Languages: Greek (native), English (fluent), French (basic).

Kostas Pitouras has been involved in many water sports since his young age and that escalated in becoming a professional skipper. Extensive experience and highly developed skills in boating, enable him to analyze requirements and obtain results at all levels. His relaxed and friendly approach, is inspiring and reassuring, setting the ideal environment for the achievement of the goal, which is customer’s satisfaction.

Languages: Greek (Native), English (fluently)


Konstantina Seinti is our gastronomic master as she possesses great cooking skills. Her love for the ocean made her an excellent hostess on board our yachts. She can combine competent crew abilities with unmatched delicacies from the Greek cuisine. Positive attitude and team work are some of her greatest attributes!

Languages: Greek (native), English (fluent)

Mariana is our last addition to the Seatrips team. Born and raised in Athens Greece, she has worked to many of the famous bars and restaurants of the capital. Her gastronomy creations have been appraised by many of our clients and combined with her pleasant personality and her social comfort in public relations, she will definitely make the difference in your holidays!

Languages: Greek (native), English (fluently)

Despina is a non-stop working machine! She has been sailing since she was 10 years old and has been working as a hostess for 6 years now. Yachts feel like home to her. She can handle difficult situations and our skippers feel very confident with her on board. Her working experience in the most famous restaurants of Athens has helped her to become an excellent and a creative cook! Her excellent feedback from all her guests from around the world, will guarantee that your holidays will be of the most memorable! Her nickname given from some of her guests is ”LIVE TRIP ADVISOR”!!!!!

Languages: Greek (native) English (fluently) French (basic) Spanish (basic)

Aggeliki is 22 years old and grew up in Rhodes. She loves travelling and meeting new people. Her passion for the sea brought her to Mykonos Island where she worked as a hostess for a couple of years. There she learned all the secrets of the Greek cuisine, which now shares with our customers on board. Aggeliki is very outgoing, always with a smile and welcoming! She will definitely make your holidays an unforgettable experience!

Languages: Greek (native) English (fluently)

Dimitra studied English language but her love for the sea, the sailing and the Greek islands led her to work on yachts as a hostess. She also loves traveling and cooking. While traveling she always tastes local food and new flavours which she recreates in her own cooking, mixing Mediterranean meals with exotic flavours. Cooking in Greece means sharing. That’s why she shares meals with people from all over the world and she decided to combine traveling with cooking at her job . She is happily looking forward to amaze you with her meals and her smile.

Languages: Greek (native) English (fluently)

Anna was born and raised in Patras Greece. She studied Physics with a MSc degree in Chemical Engineering and worked in the research field for 3 years. Opening her house as an Airbnb hostess though, made her change her mind and follow her heart for trips, adventure and sailing.  She has travelled in many places, meeting different cultures and collecting gastronomical ideas from all around the world. Anna loves to cook and has worked in several Greek restaurants. Lots of smiles and good vibes always make her guests relax and enjoy!

Languages: Greek (native) English (fluently) Spanish (fluently)

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