Open Regatta Fiesta 26_05_2018

Sail your own party…!

This year you may join for 4 or 7 days Open Regatta Fiesta.

Seven of the most beautiful destinations of the Ionian Sea. Open Regatta Fiesta is the ultimate celebration of sailing.

Book your space by March the 15th for as low as 71 euros per day !!!

Open Regatta Fiesta rota begins on Saturday 26 May, aiming to be the inaugural fiesta of the summer: sailing specialists and sea lovers invite everyone who would like to live the unique experience of sailing holidays, the most beautiful seas and unexplored nature, the discovery of new waypoints on the enjoyment map and the experience of a Sailing Regatta.

During the days all boats are sailing together on a sailing race designed by pros for amateur sailors and in the evening we are becoming one company in the places where we are staying for the night.

Starting from Lefkada we discover Scorpio, Meganissi, Kefalonia, Ithaka, Kastos, Kalamos and Atoko. Day and night stops have being designed so that participants will have the opportunity to make their provisions, to enjoy their coffee or drink and to dine on the most beautiful places in the Ionian Sea.

Come Sail With us! Come to live your best summer memories.